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Images and design has the ability to persuade, elicit devotion, create fear, provoke joy -- in other words, it is one of the most powerful and important tools our culture has. And most people don't even realize how it affects them. I have spent my career and education understanding and mastering this persuasive power of the visual. It is my greatest passion.


I live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with my husband, a black pug, a crazy amount of art books, lots of Fornasetti plates and bust sculptures. I spend lots of time drawing, illustrating, crafting, writing, reading, painting and in my luckiest of days, traveling. My favorite things about New York is the smart people, the amazing museums, the beautiful buildings and hearing about food I just have to try.

Contact info

Dorothy Cury
41 Frost Street 
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Tel 917-239-4173


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